Dilmah t-Lounge Hosts Tea Twist Event

By on August 31, 2016
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Award-winning Australian chef, restaurateur, and culinary author Peter Kuruvita held an inspiring session on tea gastronomy at Dilmah’s signature t-Lounge located at the Avenues. Top food influencers, media, and special invitees attended the exciting Tea Twist event.

unnamed (10)Peter crafted five tea-inspired dishes: Tea Marshmallows, Rose with French Vanilla Doughnuts, First Ceylon Souchong Chicken Wrap, Dilmah Earl Grey Infused Chocolate Truffle, and Italian Almond Lamb Kebab. Each of the recipes showcased his creativity and inspiration in giving cuisine a new twist using Dilmah tea, by taking the flavors to new heights with a variety of exciting tea gastronomy. Speaking at the event, Peter elaborated, “Every tea and herbal infusion has a different offering. And to get the most out of each tea, you need to understand the unique brewing needs. Similarly, Dilmah Tea presents premium quality and custom tea blends that are able to please a variety of palates with the finest gourmet tea, presenting tea as an essential ingredient in food, drink, and life.”      unnamed (7)

Dilmah’s t-tK or ‘Tea Kitsch’ enthusiasts and fans can now savor not only tea gastronomy but also the upscale lifestyle locally at the t-Lounge. t-tK is a centuries old Sri Lankan tea making tradition where strong black tea is brewed. Condensed milk is then added to it and the tea is ‘pulled’ by pouring the mixture from one stainless steel jug to another.